The Ten Rules of Reporting

Journalism for the Community
Alan Sunderland

160 pages / 3 November 2022 / ISBN: 9781761108235

“This is an excellent short primer on how to do journalism. Get it. Read it. Use it.” - Matthew Ricketson, author of Who Needs the ABC?

Simon & Schuster

Who Needs the ABC?

Why Taking it for Granted is no Longer an Option
Matthew Ricketson, Patrick Mullins

256 pages / Published:29 Mar 2022 / ISBN:9781922310927

“Amid a noisy, chaotic media landscape comes this clear-eyed analysis showing why a strong ABC is a priceless national asset, how it is under threat, and the need to defend and strengthen it.” - Mark Scott

Scribe Publications

This is the BBC

Entertaining the Nation, Speaking for Britain, 1922-2022
Simon J. Potter

320 Pages / Published: 14 April 2022 / ISBN: 9780192898524

"A sharp-eyed survey of the BBC's increasingly fraught relations with other people, notably politicians and listeners." - Dominic Green

Oxford University Press


A People's History
David Hendy

656 Pages / Published: 6 October 2022 / ISBN: 9781781255261

“Thorough and engaging ... you can't understand England without understanding the BBC” - New York Times

Profile Books