Here are some quotes about the public broadcaster from the mouths of some very prominent Australians. You might like to use them if you are advocating for our ABC!

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Sir Robert Menzies, Former PM. 1945

“We shall preserve the…system under which a Government National Service exists side by side with commercial stations.”

Gough Whitlam, Former PM. 1974

In the past seventeen months we have encouraged a greater participation of Australian creative and performing talent in radio, television and cinema production. In our next three years in office, we will provide at very little cost, an additional radio network for the ABC in the majority of rural areas that now receive a single ABC service

Gough Whitlam. Former PM. 1977

The independence and quality of the ABC involves not just the minority who view or listen to the ABC programs; the quality of all television and radio is enhanced by the standards and initiatives of the ABC.

Malcolm Fraser, Former PM. 1980

The Government’s policy is to…support the ABC to develop and continue high quality broadcasting services.

Bob Hawke , Former PM. 1983

The Australian Labor, Party has clear priorities and will develop our communcations system with paramount regard to the public interest. We will: immediately plan for a second ABC regional network, to be installed by the third year of government, to provide additional choice to the four million Australians living outside capital cities; increase ABC funding by 5 percent to enable a further development of Australian programming; establish an independent foundation to assist financing of public broadcasting stations.

Paul Keating, Former PM. 1993

Labor guarantees support for those great Australian institutions which preserve the nation’s heritage, encourage ideas, disseminate information and strengthen national cohesion.
I mean such organisations as the ABC, the CSIRO, the Australia Council and the Special Broadcasting service.

Kim Beazley, Former Opposition Leader. 2001

The Coalition set out to harm the ABC, and slashed its funding. We won’t stand by and see the ABC torn down, so I announce today that over our first term of government we will restore the ABC’s funding to its levels before the Howard Government was elected.

Malcolm Turnbull, Former PM

“The ABC is a vitally important part of our nation’s polity.”

Moss Cass, Minister for the Media, Whitlam government

“I think it is a far-fetched suggestion to imply that somehow or other deep in the bowels of the ABC there is a little cell working away systematically to distort the news reportage and somehow or other to paint the Labor Government in glowing terms consistently and the non-Labor Opposition as an utter monster. My guess is that the ABC often succeeds in displeasing both sides of the House because it is attempting to be as impartial as is humanly possible.”

Tim Fischer, former Deputy PM & Nationals Leader

“The ABC is not always right, but it is right across the nation with vigour and vitality. It is crucial for facilitating communication in the bush, in outback Australia as well as the cities.”

Prof. Fiona Stanley

“As a scientist concerned about our planet, our environment, and our children, I support the ABC because we have precious few other sources of good, evidence-based unbiased information. ABC content is a precious resource.”

Prof. Peter Doherty

“Diminish the ABC and we diminish Australia, now and for the future.”

Prof. Marcia Langton

“I am alarmed at the attacks on the ABC. The ABC was established as our public broadcasting system and it is absolutely necessary to our democracy.”

Julian Burnside QC

“The Fact that the ABC is free of ads, the fact that it is free of political influence and commercial interest is absolutely fundamental to its importance to everyone in this country.”

Liz Ellis

“The ABC has a great history of nurturing second-tier sports, including women's sport. Netball started its broadcast life on the ABC. The ABC has a vital role to play in providing a platform and an opportunity for sports that might not otherwise get a look in elsewhere.”

Thomas Keneally

“The ABC is the voice of Australia and its throat is being cut!”

Mem Fox

“Life without the ABC would be life without enlightenment.”

Father Bob Maguire

“I think the ABC should be defended because all others have vested interests. The public ought to be able to expect, all the time to get an objective view.”

John Marsden

“ABC political programs can be anywhere between thoughtful, calm, reflective and lively, noisy and argumentative. How healthy is that for a vigorous democracy? But the ABC does so much more.”

Mark Scott 2016

"We don't ask questions about our journalists’ voting patterns and where their ideology is. We look at the journalism that they put to air and we have strong editorial standards…”

Labor MP Daryl Melham 2006

“When Labor was in government, the ABC rightly scrutinised the government. In many respects, it can be seen as the official opposition by the way it runs a number of programs that delve deeply into which direction a government is heading.”

Tim Bowden Former ABC journalist 2002

“Some say the Australian Labor Party is now to the right of the Liberal Party. If, as Michael Kroger said recently, the ABC is to the left of the Labor Party, doesn't that put the ABC smack bang in the middle where it ought to be?”

Max Uechtritz former News Director 2003

“ABC News and Current Affairs is not unfamiliar with its motives being questioned, with interest groups suggesting how we should operate. Independent public broadcasters worldwide seem to be among the most scrutinised organisations in the world.”

Gerald Stone 2014

“In the course of this audit I have routinely checked for indicators of bias as typical TV viewers might believe they have detected it. Were interviewers tougher on some and notably softer on others? Did there appear to be an uneven distribution of time given to one topic or another? One political side or another? To academics and other expert commentators espousing humanitarian views as opposed to those more concerned with the practical need to protect Australia’s borders and deter people from resorting to people smugglers? As an independent observer, I found no grounds for concern in any of those measurements.”

Bob Hawke to Richard Carlton, 7.30 Report

“You are a damned impertinent Mr Carlton…now I don’t mind my integrity being held against yours.”

John Howard, former PM, after having a shoe thrown at him on QandA

“That’s ok, don’t worry, don’t worry…forget it, forget it…No, relax [Applause]”

Aunty Jack

“You’d better tune in next week to the show next week because if you don’t I’ll come around to your house and I’ll rip your bloody arms off.”