The ABC is Australia's national broadcaster. It is owned and paid for by all Australian people and works for our benefit.

It is independent of governments and businesses and has consistently been shown to be the most trusted and truthful media outlet in the country.


The ABC doesn't just make radio and tv programmes. It distributes its high quality content online through many channels. You may have watched or listened to ABC content without ever realising it. You might already be a fan and not know it.


Most media organisations in Australia are owned and operated by foreign-owned media corporations. They exist to please their sponsors and shareholders. They have no obligation to their viewers and listeners, and you have to sit through adverts for the privilege!


If you hate adverts interrupting and nagging all the time, keep in mind that the ABC is forbidden by law to show commercial advertising.


Every day the consequences of spin, misinformation and hatemongering in the commercial media are becoming more evident... It's time to do something about it.

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