Members of ABC Friends from Victoria and SA gathered in Adelaide for Writers Week (AWW) last week, as part of a drive to attract new members to our cause.

The ABC makes major contributions to writers weeks and festivals – ABC personnel are often leading authors, and frequently chair or facilitate sessions at these events. And the audiences are likely to be supporters of the ABC, so should be interested in joining ABC Friends.

On this occasion, the Director of AWW, Louise Adler AM, very kindly allowed us to sponsor key sessions, to hand out Friend’s bookmarks, and to place an ad in the AWW booklet.

SA/NT President, Daryl Regan (L) with Louise Adler, AWW Director (R).

ABCF T shirts and caps were a strong presence, as seen in the photos below, and it was hard to miss the Friend’s message. Hopefully we will see the impact on membership and donation levels very soon!

We will be attending other writers festivals soon in a similar role – Clunes and Sorrento are early candidates. Please come along and say hullo.





ABC Friends programme ad