You may have noticed a decided pick up in the social media activity of ABC Friends Victoria over the past few weeks. 

We have employed a new Youth Engagement and social media Officer, Georgina Favaloro, to take responsibility for our social media profile, and to work collaboratively with staff and volunteers across the country. 

If you have an event which you think needs wider media attention, please get in touch with Georgina and she will see what can be done. She can be contacted via the office. 

Georgina is researching, writing, commissioning, and editing social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, in line with ABC Friends Victoria’s communications and youth engagement strategies. 

So far this includes designing and posting calls to action on the Dunkley by-election campaign, International Women’s Day, and the Adelaide Writers Week Festival where we sponsored a session on The Future of News. 

We recognise it will take time to build brand recognition and support for ABC Friends, but the more people who ‘like’ and share the posts with their friends the faster momentum will build for our strategy to strengthen the ABC and build membership of ABC Friends. 

We have seen a small but promising growth over the past month, and the momentum is likely to grow as more events and activities are added to the schedule. 

After all, as was demonstrated in the Dunkley by-election, people responded well to the message – Democracy depends on a strong ABC. 

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