The Aston by-election to be held this week sees campaigning now in earnest, with Liberals Peter Dutton (“the ABC is dead to me”) and James Paterson (IPA member and co-author of calls to privatise the ABC) throwing their support behind Liberal candidate Roshena Campbell.

However, it seems that the Liberal Party is still struggling with the issue of climate change, as when asked her position on human-induced climate change on day one of her bid to succeed former minister Alan Tudge, Campbell spoke only of the potential risks posed by Labor’s energy policies.

Senator Paterson joined Campbell and colleague Michael Sukkar in doorknocking the electorate.

The Labor Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, had earlier in the month travelled to Aston to support Labor’s candidate, Mary Doyle, launch her campaign.

It is unclear what the result in the New South Wales election will have on voters in Aston but it certainly wasn't good news for the Liberal party.

The last federal election saw a 7.5% swing against the sitting Liberal member, Alan Tudge, reducing the margin in favour of the Liberal Party to 52.8%

ABC Friends in Victoria is very involved in the by-election campaigning, highlighting the ABC’s needs for further funding and support above what has already been committed by the current government.

Our Eastern and Northern groups have asked all five candidates to respond to questions about their policies on the ABC. To date, the Greens and Fusion candidates have responded very positively – however nothing back as yet from Campbell, Doyle or the Independent Maya Tesa.

The ABCF groups have also been active in raising public awareness in the electorate, handing out information about the ABC, its value, and its funding needs, and attracting interest with large banners at important road intersections.

ABC Friends Northern group on the Burwood Highway

And ABC Friends Eastern Group on Boronia Road

Please get in touch if you would like to help.

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