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ABC Friends Endowment Fund

The ABC Friends Endowment Fund has the purpose of supporting and enhancing the long term goals and activities of ABC Friends. The Fund accepts donations and bequests, of any size, from any individual or organisation, on the understanding that donations are not tax-deductible.

The ABC Friends (Vic) Committee of Management, as the governing body of the ABC Friends (Vic) organisation, is responsible for all aspects of administration of the Fund.

A donor may choose to limit or specify a particular percentage or dollar amount to be distributed periodically from their contribution to the Endowment Fund. Otherwise, the ABC Friends (Vic) Committee of Management is responsible for determining the amounts and timing of distributions from the Fund.

Donations to the Fund

Donations to the Fund can be made by cheque, by direct transfer from your bank account, or by credit card:

  • Donations by credit card can be made by calling the ABCF Vic office (1300 108 126).
  • Cheques should be made out to the ABC Friends Endowment Fund and forwarded to ABC Friends (Vic) Ross House 247 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000.
  • Donations by direct bank transfer should be made to the ABC Friends Endowment Fund Account: Bendigo Bank / BSB 633 000 / a/c no 187 363 312
    Please indicate who is making the donation in the reference box.

Bequests to the Fund

If you do not yet have a will, but wish to make a bequest to the ABC friends Endowment Fund when you prepare it, you just need to ask your lawyer to include the following wording:

I give, free of all duties and taxes …….. XX % of my estate …… OR ….. XX % of the residue of my estate ……. to ABC Friends (Vic) of Ross House 247 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000. The receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of ABC Friends (Vic) is in absolute discharge to my executor.

If you already have a will, and would like to include a gift to ABC Friends, you can simply prepare a legally binding amendment to your will (a Codicil), have two people witness your signature, attach the codicil to your will, and forward a copy of the amendment to your lawyer.

If you have any questions about our endowment fund, please call us on 1300 108 126 or use the from below.