Our story on the coverage of the Queen's funeral generated some lively feedback. If you would like to comment on our stories please get in touch. We won't publish your comments without your permission.

Regarding Michael's postscript to the latest newsletter ["Now that the Queen has been laid to rest, the criticism of the ABC’s coverage can be buried as well."] I think many of us would hope this is not so. Continuing conversation about the ABC Charter commitment to/ requirement of 'balance' in reporting and analysis is, I suggest, important and constructive. (It can also be 'instructive' for future programming decisions.)

Many of us might have altered or different perspectives with the benefit of that great mediator 'the passage of time'. Please keep alive the opportunity for reflection and further discussion.

David Hall, Beaumaris

Am one of the many scandalised by the number of top ABC journos sent to London to supposedly cover the funeral. But as far as I could see a brief as such did not exist as the funeral was covered brilliantly by the BBC.

The small number of face to face questions asked of the general public re their attitude feelings etc.could surely have been handled by the resident journos in UK.

Difficult to justify with ABC constant plea of poverty.I presume there will be some sort of enquiry over this and a demand for an explanation.

Janet Foye, Prahran

ABC Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar on covering the story

Phil Evans


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