How COVID Changed Journalism

Edited by Tracey Kirkland and Gavin Fang

320 pages / May 2023 / ISBN: 9781922633811

A new book on how the Australian media responded to and navigated the COVID
pandemic between its eruption and into its development.

We all read, saw, and heard how newsroom and journalists responded to the
pandemic, with shows cancelled, cut back, coming from journalists under lock
down in their garages or lounge rooms. With often ingenious work arounds,
innovations, and occasional stuff ups.

And had to navigate the scientific, medical, economic, and political angles
and implications of the pandemic as it progressed. With uncertainties, fear,
rising conspiracy theories and lock down protests, vaccinations, all needing
informed, ethical, and accurate reportage.

This just released book traverses how the Australian media - ABC, SBS,
commercial media, print, broadcast and On Line - responded to the continuing
challenges of the pandemic.
It's a gripping read, IMHO, quite fascinating. Highly recommended.

Dr Mark Hayes
May 2023

available in bookshops or via
Monash University Publishing


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