The 2023 AGM of ABC Friends Victoria elected eleven (11) people to the Committee of Management (CoM), the governing body of the organisation.

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The Committee of Management held its yearly planning workshop on 31 January, and agreed on some goals and strategies for each of the four subcommittees.

  • The Communications Subcommittee agenda will include partnerships for reaching specific audiences, including maximising the presence of ABC Friends at Adelaide Writers Week. The ABCF Victoria website will be refreshed and our social media presence will be expanded considerably. Lobbying to influence the May 2024 federal budget in favour of the ABC will commence soon.
  • The Membership Subcommittee will implement its membership growth strategy, including targeted promotions and the streamlining of the joining process. Better analysis of our membership data will enable better processes for recruitment and for following up lapsed members. Supporters and e-news recipients will be encouraged to become members.
  • The Groups Subcommittee will complete development of the Groups Handbook and further facilitate the coordination and promotion of group-run events and campaigns. Training will be offered to group leaders for attracting and enrolling members, and group membership data will be updated. New groups will be invited to form in specific areas of member concentration.
  • The Development Subcommittee will expand the NewGen initiative into competitions and events with ABC themes among young people, and foundation grants will be sought for national NewGen projects. Partnerships with youth organisations and an increased social media presence will expand the reach of the initiative. Research into youth knowledge and attitudes will guide the program.

ABC Friends Victoria welcomes expressions of interest from members and supporters to help with any of our volunteer governance roles. In particular, we are currently seeking a (voluntary) Volunteer Coordinator to help allocate volunteer skills to needed tasks.

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If interested in helping out please contact Michael Henry, President, through the office.