Production is underway of new banners, bookmarks and caps to support our campaign to Strengthen the ABC, with some help from its friends.

As part of the 2024 campaign to reinforce our vision for a fearless independent ABC valued by all Australians and fully supported by government, we are collaborating with our colleagues in other states and nationally to inform all Australians about issues effecting the ABC and public media.

ABC Friends Victoria welcomes the opportunity to be involved in next year’s Adelaide Writers Week festivities, coming up in March 2024. This is one way we are reaching out to new demographics and promoting discussion about critical issues affecting the future of the ABC. We will be involved in partnership with the SA/NT Friends groups, delivered as a national activity, supported by the ABC Friends National Committee.

Our “Strengthen the ABC” campaign will feature strongly in the AWW Festival program, on colourful bookmarks to be distributed through the popular book tent, and banners featuring the new ABCF livery.

The new ABCF bookmarks are also now available for community stalls and will be included in all book sales at the Adelaide festival. ABCF volunteers attending AWW will ensure that supplies are replenished throughout the week. Let us know if you’ll be there and would like to help.

Freestanding pull-up banners featuring these messages will be used as part of the backdrop at specific AWW events and provided by our South Australian Friends. We are also looking at ways for the ABCF banners and their messages to be displayed at other sessions that have a strong ABC presence re speakers/interlocutors, including any children’s session and the “Future of News” session.

Meanwhile, the colourful new ABC Friends caps will soon be available on our website, for supporters and volunteers to wear while out and about campaigning or just spreading the message that we value the ABC in our daily lives.

We also have PDF versions of posters featuring the new messages that you can print and distribute yourselves.

If you want to be part of the campaign, please go online to find these new products or to donate to the production costs.

Banners Bookmarks Posters