The dust has settled on the election campaign and – lo and behold – we have a federal parliament and a government that are pro-ABC. High fives and back pats for all ABC Friends supporters and voters.

ABC Friends Victoria has completed its review of our election campaign (see HERE) and sundry others have analysed what happened and why, and will continue to do so. For our part we think the campaign went well, and we want to thank you for helping us to have an impact.

Thank you for the donations which made the campaign possible.

Thank you for the memberships that sustain our work throughout the year.

Thank you for the physical campaigning – the meetings, hand-outs, letterboxing, door knocking, candidate interviewing, questions at forums, and talking to voters at every opportunity.

Thank you for the writing, discussing, designing, printing, and distributing of numerous materials used in the campaign, including this e-news.

Thank you for voting in such a way that the anti-ABC weight has been lifted.

It was not obvious during the campaign that the ABC was a top-of-mind issue, but the three key election issues – climate, gender, and integrity – were all key issues in part because of the ABC’s independent analysis and coverage. GetUp! surveyed its supporters about the five top issues and ABC funding came in at #5.

We are now turning our attention to the future of the ABC (and Friends). We will be looking to expand the membership and reach of ABC Friends, and to helping the ABC in its (necessary) program of recovery and renewal. In particular we will be implementing a Youth Engagement program to draw 18-40 year olds into the community of support for the ABC.

We hope you will continue to join, donate, and advocate with us in this new era of a recovering ABC and an expanding ABC Friends.

Phil Evans


Gay man on the road in a ute with a dog named Zane, Also Consultant with Rhizomatic & @Actionskills (he/they)