ABC Friends is gearing up to run an effective campaign in support of the ABC at the next federal election, and we invite you to join us.

The election will be sometime in the next 10 months, and our campaign will start next month, with a planning workshop to agree on seats, messages, and tactics. The campaign will be co-ordinated nationally, in collaboration with ABC Alumni, but most activity will be seat by seat, face-to-face, trying to make sure that the voters deliver a parliament which has the maximum number of pro-ABC MPs.

Key Goals of the Campaign

  1. Inclusion of support for the ABC in the campaign policies of all the major political parties.
  2. Engage ABCFV Groups, members, supporters, and volunteers in campaigning for the ABC
  3. Build ABCFV’s social media presence and our links to young people
  4. Raise awareness of the needs of the ABC amongst all voters, with a view to influencing votes.
  5. Inform voters of the respective positions on the ABC of candidates in selected seats.

Key strategies for the Campaign

  1. Choice by ABCFV Groups of the seats in which to campaign
  2. Agreement across ABCF on key messages about the desired future for the ABC
  3. Ongoing social media posts (& boosts) about the ABC, the election, and our campaign
  4. Visits to MPs and Senators well before the federal election is called
  5. Corflutes, signage, banners, and posters on houses, cars, shops and in public places
  6. Letter writing to Ministers, Shadow Ministers, and MPs and Senators
  7. Face-to-face leafletting and letterboxing as election approaches (generic messages)
  8. Preparation of “Voting Guidance Comparative Charts” for each selected seat as soon as candidates are known
  9. Face-to-face leafletting and letterboxing with comparative charts before pre-polling booths open
  10. Handing out comparative charts at pre-poll and polling booths during campaign

Framework for the Campaign

(Assuming election is in May 2015)

  • Jun–Jul 2024: Agreement on Framework, appointment of Campaign Coordinator, and groups select seats in which to campaign
  • Aug–Sep 2024: All-in planning workshop to determine campaign details and resources, agreement on key messages, and preparation of generic materials
  • Oct–Nov 2024: Visits to MPs and Senators, and posting of corflutes etc
  • Dec 2024–Jan 2025: Letters to Ministers etc
  • Feb–Mar 2025: Leafletting & letterboxing
  • Apr–May 2025: Preparation and distribution of comparative charts

The campaign will involve many different roles and activities, and we need all the help we can get.

If you are interested in being involved please get in touch.

Contact the office