What unites the ABC, writers’ festivals, and ABC Friends? Their shared passion for authors and readers who ignite the imagination and honor Australia’s rich culture. And where better to celebrate this convergence of interests than in the picturesque seaside enclave of Sorrento?

Throughout various venues, including the iconic Continental Hotel, writers of diverse backgrounds converged on 25-28 April to delve into their creative processes, wrestling with the task of moulding words into artistry.

Amidst this literary hubbub, the festival organisers extended a warm invitation to ABC Friends, urging them to champion their cause in support of our national broadcaster. Every book purchase or engaging talk attendance was met with the offer of an ABC Friends bookmark, boldly proclaiming, “The Arts flourish with a robust ABC.”

One session, titled “The ABC: An Endangered Species?”, drew ABC Friends from Bayside, Queenscliff, Geelong, Western Melbourne, and Inner Melbourne. Sadly, the resounding answer to the posed question was a somber "yes." The ABC, beleaguered by severe budget constraints and political machinations, finds itself in a precarious state. The panel, featuring the likes of John Faine, Wendy Harmer, and Ranald Macdonald, echoed grave concerns for the broadcaster's survival. Guiding the discourse with finesse, facilitator Libbi Gore ensured a blend of insight and entertainment.

In extending gratitude, ABC Friends Victoria extends heartfelt thanks to Corrie Perkin, Laura Macdonald, and the organising committee for their warm hospitality and commendable efforts in orchestrating a truly remarkable cultural affair in Sorrento.